We were founded in 2013 by Mohamed Ali, built with a focus on old-school values, integrity, and exceptional service. Growing steadily over the last 9 years, we are now expanding to more locations nationwide while maintaining a personal approach to this-party logistics carriers (3PL). 

Our company’s experience and strong reputation in the trucking industry has helped us assemble a vast network of superb trucking with a complete range of capabilities and equipment. We specialize in helping clients transport produce, refrigerated goods, frozen goods, perishables, fragile items, flatbed loads, and much more.

This focus of superior service and flexibility has enabled us to grow and provide secure opportunities throughout the nation. OTC is nothing without our team and our drivers – and being a responsible company with strict safety standards helps ensure our continued success. At OTC our number one priority is that all OTC drivers and owner operators go home safe. To do this we at OTC adhere to a rigorous, zero tolerance safety regiment.

Every September, we conduct a thorough inspection of our entire fleet, this includes every unit to every tire ensuring we are prepared for all road conditions. This check is on top of the yearly safety inspection, our quarterly maintenance work, as well as our daily pre and post trip inspections. These inspections are all electronic and are logged in every day.

Moving forward into 2022 and beyond, we are excited to continue to provide our high-level of service, and expand our business to provide more solutions in more areas. Stay tuned to our blog and social media for more information and updates!


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A Message from Mohamed Ali, Founder & CEO of Ohio Transit Company.

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Owner-Operators at OTC.

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